Please Note: After nearly 20 years, as of October 24, 2013, Queen Anne's Lace Curtains has closed its doors and we are no longer taking any orders.  We are selling our remaining stock of fine lace curtains as well as other related merchandise on ebay.


Since 1994, Queen Anne's Lace has been proud to provide our customers with the finest cotton lace curtains, panels and cut-to-order yardage.

Our cotton lace is imported directly from Scotland where it is woven on Nottingham Lace Looms.  The design patterns vary from traditional to contemporary.

Queen Anne's Lace brings you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.  Our product line is selected on the basis of timeless beauty, value, and uniqueness in designs.

Our double woven Madras yardage is an example of the finest in quality.

We stock a large range of sizes in lace curtains, lace panels, and yardage to fit the many diverse stylings in home windows and architecture.  You can also choose from a large selection of special order cotton lace curtains designs from our Special Collection.

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